Be it in personal life or professional life, maintaining a positive outlook is important. Declutter and focus on solutions and not the problems, say experts.

Here are some tips to stay positive:

  • Declutter

Yes it is an overthrown advice but it is decluttering that’s the core foundation of success at work. Life is a long journey and negativeness are heavier to carry so why not get rid of those unnecessary and useless items to enjoy weightless our journey.

Have plant at your work station. You can place a gardenia at home. Plant contributes to the well-being of humans. Plant is produce oxygen and when we breathe we take that out of the air to keep our cells and bodies alive.

  • Positive group support

Positive group support is important to help each other through difficult times. Surrounding you with positive people will help you stay positive in a negative situation.

Plenty of people with bad intention will be around you with their negative attitude to make you stop or having doubt of what you try to achieve. It says that if you tell your problem to people, 80% of them won’t mind, 15% will wish that your problem get worst and 5% will support you through your difficult time. So know how to choose your entourage.

  • Adjust focus in life

Practice yourself to be focused, especially in solution not the problem. During our life we encounter problem of different kind. But it’s up to us to get rid of those problems as quick as possible by focusing on the solutions. This practice will help us avoiding many problems by anticipating them.

It has physical as well as mental and emotional benefits. It will release those natural endorphins in our brain that make us feel better. It will boost your self-esteem for having the discipline to exercise. It is an intelligent way to reduce negative thoughts from your mind.

  • Focus on solution and not problems

Where and how you focus your attention determines your emotional state. When you zero in on the problems you are facing, you create negative emotions and stress. When you shift your focus towards actions that can improve circumstances, you will create sense of self-efficacy that yields positives emotions and reduces stress.

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