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Hi, i am Yapo Eric Donald and she is my beautiful Wife Rachel Donald and our cute pet Rex.We are the BlAsian (Black & Asian) and happy couple. We made this blog to share our moments with you, talk about relationship, share our secret to solve different problem that anyone can meet in life. Let’s introduce ourselves individually.

Rachel Donald: I am a young, ambitious, sweet and lovely lady from India. I am a beautician and stylish. I love to travel, I love Korean dishes and i am passionate for pets. I met Eric gracefully and since he changed my life, he made me believe that true love really exist and no matter that we are from different culture.

Eric Donald: What can i say about me ?! I am certified in networking and network security, well i am a computer guy. I love to watch football and basketball, like my wife, i also love to travel. I like to eat but sadly i can’t get fat which is somehow good right. I am from Ivory Coast. I love my wife and i always keep her happy which make our relationship strong.

Rex is our lovely and cute pet. In fact our blog name is composed of our name initials.